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Growing Business in Asia and Africa

Sprout Economics is a platform for consultancy and business development in Asia and Africa. We specialize in Agriculture, Nutrition and Healthcare. Sprout Economics bolsters people, communities and companies of emerging and developing markets; markets which illustrate unparalleled growth ànd urgent challenges head on together.

Sprout Economics strengthens Farmers and Agriculture Chains, builds Nutritious Food Systems, and improves Access to Healthcare.
We have a rational approach, based on figures, economics and on-the-spot observations.

Sprout Economics is based in The Netherlands and works with experts on the ground in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia.

We reduce the time, risks and costs associated with entering new markets
We make a complex (economic) environment transparent.
We combine business- and social impact.

What we do

Improving market systems

Improving market systems and building business are the central goals of Sprout Economics.

We make this happen by:

Facts & figures and sustainable concepts are the basis of our work. We enjoy the blend of solving complex puzzles, adventure and achieving business value and social impact.
With local players and local solutions as endgame.

Agriculture, Nutrition and Healthcare

Sprout Economics’ expertise lies in Agriculture, Food, Nutrition and Healthcare, which is where we have identified major shifts, needs and opportunities.


How we work


Sprout Economics has 20 years of on-the-ground experience in Asia and Africa. We have entered into business with local market players and we know the village leader. Our local experts are rooted in communities and are well connected to the local business scene and government.

We have learned from failures and we multiply our successes. We know the critical path to market entry, how to make first inroads in local markets and bridging the last mile to consumers.

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Trends & figures

Sprout Economics identifies and understands the trends in emerging countries.

And we provide the reason and the figures behind these trends through to-the-point research. Our findings are tangible and are quantified by market analysis, investment cases, cash flow impact, and distribution margins.

We make agriculture, nutrition and healthcare measurable.

This means  for example: We calculate the costs of nutrition or healthcare services for low-income families. Business options for a vegetable farmer in Pakistan become clear. We assess the viability of dairy farming in Africa.

I am a professional optimist.

Robert van den Heuvel

What started with a micro finance assignment in India at the beginning of this century, resulted in an everlasting passion for the emerging markets in Asia and Africa. Undoubtedly some of the best years were those I spent in Vietnam, living and working on-the-spot; with big challenges in agriculture, nutrition and healthcare just around the corner. Areas, which provide major ‘game changers’ for local communities and low- to middle-income families. That motivates me every day. For several months of the year I am in these countries. Analyzing farms, improving health clinics and learning from local entrepreneurs. Whilst experiencing the daily life in an Ethiopian coffee bar or during a chat on a ferry in Bangladesh.

  • MSc degree from Eindhoven, University of Technology, the Netherlands
  • Business development roles at Cargill, DSM and niche players in technology
  • Consultancy from boardrooms in Europe to the grassroots level of rural Africa
  • 20+ years of experience in corporate and NGO sector
  • Sharp analysis, committed, energetic

On the back of this experience and optimism, I founded Sprout Economics in 2014.

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Our clients

We work with companies and impact investors, which develop businesses in Asia and Africa:

emerging countries
emerging countries